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Secret tips for creating a Personal Brand 6W+1H Questions by Girg
Combining techniques to create Personal Brand 6W+1H
by Master Chada Kochansri
How to stand out from the competition and help increase sales for your business!

Secret tips for creating a Personal Brand 6W+1H Questions by Girg

        Brand is the representative of success that will reflect your identity to the public eye to gain acceptance and trust this affects the benefits that will occur in many areas, such as the personnel in the organization, customers, partners or the eyes of competitors. Therefore, creating an acceptable identity is essential for organizations and businesses.

Secret tips for creating a Personal Brand 6W+1H Questions by Girg

      Creating a Personal Brand is easy as you can create a Personal Brand by yourself to extend your career or trade with yourself. It is a strategy that you will be accepted on the difference because it is the only thing that happens and is conveyed through quality marketing materials. 

1. Who 
      Ask yourself who are we? What is the name? Who is it? What language can you speak? What special abilities do you have? How is our quality of life good enough to benefit society? What aspects of a positive attitude affect our view of the common good? What do you do? What business do you do? What is the duty that is useful to the public? What are the strengths of the business? How is it different from other competitors? And many other questions that we can ask ourselves and answer ourselves, that is our strength and strength that can communicate to the public to accept ourselves. (Suggest tips for Q&A should be positive)

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2. Whom    
Ask yourself, who is our target audience? Because if you target too broadly, your chances of reaching that audience will be difficult and it may cost a lot to bring yourself into the market to affect the business image. For creating questions to reach a simple target audience, such as
     - Who is the right person to be your client?
     - Who are the people using your service today?
     - Who is the group that decides to take advantage of your product when you communicate it?
     - Who are the potential and suitable groups to be your future customers?

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3. How
Ask yourself if a successful role model or a thriving business model is publicly recognized. how do they What is the process? And you can imitate and create something different than any original person. The difference or similarity must make you stand out more than the original person or if it is a business, that is a competitor.

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4. Where 
Ask yourself where can we learn more information to create a more distinctive identity? Where did the potential person appear? Where do we have to go to find knowledge in order to extend our strengths for ourselves or our own business? To combine them to be consistent and summarized as key points or keywords that will make you a winner over your competitors and be recognized by the public.

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5. What
      Ask yourself what kind of network can help you promote yourself. What are the ways to approach business partners and what are the tools that will give us the opportunity to build an identity the more you know how to use the network from making connections? With a wealth of experience and knowledge of how to use social media networks, how to build a portfolio, how to make the most of your content marketing, you may need an expert to help you make the most of it for you and your business. It is accepted by society and customers.

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6. When 
      ask yourself When are you ready? When will it start? When will it be done? The answer you can easily answer yourself is when you start asking yourself who I am? That is the starting point that will result in success in pushing yourself about building a concrete personal brand.

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7. Why 
      ask yourself Why create an identity? or business to stand out from the crowd, the simple answer is wanting to be rich!

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