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Personal Development


     Developing ourselves in terms of work is important because it will make us successful in life, but personality is also very important because it reflects our image. Including showing the image in the organization as well Personality is therefore very important to reflect ourselves and the organization as reliable or impressive or professional in the field of service ready to serve both internally and externally.
     Personality development is necessary to learn both internal development, such as having a positive attitude. Our thoughts towards the organization and people around us

Importance of personality

Personality is important to a person. 
1.It helps us understand an individual's attitude or personality traits.
2.Our personality must be able to be a role model for others.
3.Build more self-confidence.
4.Can help individuals to easily access society
5.If we have a good personality, society will accept us even more.
6.Helps to be successful in the job.


Factors that will affect our personality
1.Hereditary or congenital factors
     Characteristics that are born by birth are inherited from ancestors, such as Appearance, skin tone, blood type, and some diseases that are transmitted
2. Environmental factors
     The environment makes our personality change as well, such as raising social conditions around us, or even a tradition or ritual, in each area, it will change our personality as well.

Personality Development Guidelines
    Personality development is the analysis of characteristics that are suitable for the job at hand. or whether it is suitable for any type of work and then find a way to develop or improve behavior to suit each type of work more or more clearly

Personality development has the following important processes:
1.Analysis of ourselves 
     Explore yourself to see what defects the fungus has and which areas to develop first because analyzing ourselves will result in more development than others. 
2.Keep improving and developing yourself. 
     Always improve and develop ourselves. The first thing is that having a heart that is ready to develop must always know which side you will change. Any behavior that will negatively affect us, we must accept to change in that area and develop ourselves to be better.
     The expression after improving our own habits, how much we have developed, if further development, we must wait to maintain this personality.


How to develop your personality
1. Good posture.
2. Dress appropriately.
3. Beaming.
4. Interpreting both verbal and body language.
5. Respecting the dignity of oneself and others.
6. Fun without too much stress.
7. Have a willing and straightforward expression.
8. Always keep your emotions under control.
9. Understand the needs of yourself and others.
10. Punctuality in work and daily life.
11. Don't put yourself above others.

     Every development will always benefit us and those around us. We can change us in a better direction, but some things may take more or less time depending on our own time and efforts.

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